The Grand tops the Dessert list in style


Surrounded by the Majestic cloud forests, the Front Lawn of the iconic Grand Hotel played host to yet another historic moment.

The unveiling of “Marry Me”, the most artistic and priced dessert took place with pomp and pageantry befitting nothing less than Royalty, on the morning of 3rd January 2018.

With the soothing sounds of Highland Bag pipers and the procession of Chefs carrying their precious master piece in a Palanquin, the well-choreographed event was witnessed by a select crowd of dignitaries including the Hon. John Amaratunga, Minister of Tourism Development.

But the Cynosure of all eyes was Sri Lanka’s most loved couple Kumar and Yehali Sangakkara, who were the first to savour the culinary master piece, crafted by Chef Viraj Jayaratne, who celebrates 25 years in the culinary industry.

Speaking at this event, the Minister of Tourism Development and Christian Religious affairs, John Amaratunga voiced eloquent about the diversity Sri Lanka provides to visitors, and the value of the experience the destination offers.

“When you arrive in Sri Lanka you are part of the family, we will not only open our hearts to you, but will also open our homes to you” Those were the words of the living legend Kumar Sangakkara, to the entire world from the colorful grounds of the Grand Hotel.

The US $ 25,000/- dessert, crafted using Dark Chocolate from Madagascar, edible gold and silver and many other exotic ingredients is now available to discerning couples who wish convey their love and affection to their significant other.