Lake Gregory

Distance from Hotel 2 km
Time of Departure Morning Afternoon

The early British settlers painstakingly introduced milt, hatched brown and rainbow trout and introducing them to the free flowing streams of Nuwara-Eliya. Tilapia and Carps were introduced around 1956 and Carp fishing is a popular sport at present.

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Rate P.P. 4,500/= 3,250/= 3,000/= 2,750/= 2,500/= 2,250/=

Lake Kande Ela

Distance from Hotel 5 km
Time of Departure Morning or Afternoon

The Horton Plains is the highest plateau in Sri Lanka, and was named as a nature reserve in December 1965, and later identified as a National Park in March 1988. This beautiful site consisting of 3159.8 hectares of grasslands and cloud forests, sits at an altitude of 1,800 to 2,300 metres above sea level.

Pied Bush Chats are one of the more conspicuous bird inhabitants but other species to look for include Mountain Hawk-Eagle, Sri Lanka Woodpigeon, Sri Lanka Blue Magpie, Bar-winged Flycatcher, Zitting Cisticola, Sri Lanka Bush Warbler, Brown (Philippine’) Shrike and the Hill Swallow. The rare Arrenga or Whistling Thrush is another endemic found on Horton Plains but is extremely hard to find, although one particular pool is always worth checking in the first half an hour of daylight. So, an early start would be desirable to maximize our chances of seeing this fine thrush. More than 100 birds have been recorded from the Horton Plains including 12 Endemic birds, other Resident Birds and Migratory bird.

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Rate P.P. 6,250/= 3,500/= 3,000/= 2,750/= 2,500/= 2,250/=