Single Tree Mountain

Distance from Hotel 1 km
Duration of Excursion 2 to 3 hours
Time of Departure Morning 06:30am or afternoon 03:30pm

Single Tree Mountain is a vantage point that offers a breathtaking view of the picturesque valley of Nuwara Eliya. Easily accessible via a winding road across a Tea estate, this landmark is approximately 6,890 feet above sea level. One could enjoy a panoramic view of Pidurutalagala Mountain range, Hakgala Mountain, Lake Gregory, and the entire town of Nuwara Eliya as well as Northern section of Horton Plains, from this famed vantage point.

While making our way through the Tea gardens during the early part of the day, you will see tea pluckers at work, and with a little help from these seasoned hands, you might even want to try your own hand at plucking the two leaves and the bud. Once you reach the summit, you will enjoy a 360º view of the highlands of Sri Lanka.

Walking through the natural montane forest and a eucalyptus plantation, we will come across a variety of bird species, butterflies, lizards, frogs and a vivid array of wild flowers.

Before long, we will reach “Shanthipura”, Sri Lanka’s highest village, where the observation point will provide you yet another bird’s eye view of the Garden City of Nuwara Eliya.

While making our way down to the Hotel, you will see glimpses of village life and the neatly manicured vegetable gardens.

No of Pax One
Rate P.P. 2,000/=

World’s End, Baker’s Falls Circular Trek

Distance from Hotel 32 km
Duration of Excursion 5 to 6 hours
Time of Departure Morning 05.00 am

The Farr Inn visitor’s center is significant in the sense, it has become the starting point for the 9km main trek of the Horton Plains. The main trek taking a circular route can be enjoyed within 3 hours. The trail opens up with an expansive view of flora & fauna and bare patana grasslands, and then leads you through 2 kilometers of densely wooded cloud forest.

Suddenly, you are at an escarpment named Small Worlds End (274 meters) that presents a beautiful view of the landscape. Proceeding further the plains brings into view numerous clumps of dwarf bamboo for the next 1.5kms. You will now famous escarpment called World’s End, which is a sheer fall of 900 meters. On a clear morning, this famous site affords a view stretching up to the southern coast of Sri Lanka.

Having enjoyed the spectacle of World’s End, you will turn and proceed inland, off the ridge and enjoy the beauty of the Baker’s Fall, a water fall named after the famous explorer, Sir Samuel Baker. Many Rhodondenron and Fernbushes can be seen around this water fall. The trek then runs through open patana grasslands, back to the starting point.

No of Pax One Two Three Four Five Six
Rate P.P. 12,500/= 8,250/= 6,500/= 6,000/= 5,500/= 5,000/=

Thotupolakanda Mountain (Horton Plains)

Distance from Hotel 32 km
Duration of Excursion 4 to 5 hours
Time of Departure Morning 05.00am

The third highest mountain of Sri Lanka, is situated on the eastern side of the Horton Plains National Park, and is 2360 meters in height. The journey through the montane forest, which is about 4kms, leads to the summit, where you will be greeted by vast expanses of landscape featuring Kirigalpoththa mountain, forest patches, grasslands, Pattipola, Hakgala Mountain, Nuwara Eliya and Piduruthalagala Mountain.

No of Pax One Two Three Four Five Six
Rate P.P. 12,500/= 8,250/= 6,500/= 6,000/= 5,500/= 5,000/=

Kirigalpotta Mountain (Horton Plains)

Distance from Hotel 32 km
Duration of Excursion 6 to 7 hours
Time of Departure Morning 05.00am

Kirigalpoththa, the second highest mountain in Sri Lanka, 2,340 meters in height and is situated on the western boundary of Horton Plains, Just 6km from the Park office (Farr Inn) the summit could be reached by foot. However the Trek is much more challenging than not Thotupolakanda, since you have to cross Belihuloya stream, Grasslands, and make your way thorugh thick forests, bushes, marsh Lands and rocks.

No of Pax One Two Three Four Five Six
Rate P.P. 12,500/= 8,250/= 6,500/= 6,000/= 5,500/= 5,000/=